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Hi There!


I’m Katie, an intuitive, brain rewiring certified coach, energy healer, and functional nutritional therapy practitioner... And a multi-passionate soul living this crazy human experience. 


I’m here to guide souls along their paths in a more attainable, easeful, and FUN way. Why do we always make our process harder than it has to be? 

Whether you are getting your feet wet or diving headfirst into this expansive realm of "spirituality", I welcome you with open arms and am honored to be a part of your journey. 

FUN FACTS ABOUT ME: I’m a fiery & endlessly compassionate woman who loves to explore and try just about everything. I love all things metaphysics, crystals, tarot cards, human design, astrology, food science, experimenting, and cooking. I’m a Type 3 (The Achiever), Leo sun sign / Cancer moon / Capricorn rising (& Mercury in Leo!), and a Pure Manifesting Generator.


My mission is to help you raise your self-worth and do the deeper work so you can manifest the life you want & step into your power with confidence.  

I guide ambitious, empathic women to ditch their negative self-talk to raise their self-worth, so they may bring themselves home, completely step in their power, and embody the meaning of truly loving oneself. Allowing them to live a life in the flow so they can embrace their purpose in this life with FULL confidence. 

Today, many of us are extremely disconnected from ourselves and our intuition. We don’t know what is “right” or what we “should” do. This is where intuition comes into place. We are all intuitive and have an immense amount of power. They get covered up by conditioned beliefs, negative self-talk and limiting beliefs, and fear of stepping into what we knew deep down all along. This deep work of uncovering will create a long-lasting transformation leaving you ready to do what you have always DREAMED of doing. 

My story starts out when I was young.  I was always sick: rotating between strep throat, chronic bronchitis, sinus infections, pneumonia, and mono... After seeing practitioner after practitioner and feeling incredibly insecure in my skin, I knew there was something deeper that needed to be addressed. I found out I was dealing with deeper issues: mold toxicity, heavy metals, parasites, low lymphatic circulation, and so on. Through my extensive research and education, I sought out and tried different detox protocols and further came across reiki, energy healing, and brain rewiring which completely changed my life. 

After diving into energy healing, I have found a deeper connection to past trauma, my unresolved chronic symptoms, and insecurities. I drove deeper into energy healing and brain rewiring and realized I was getting in my own way. I was constantly spirling in the beliefs of “I’m not good enough”, “something is always wrong”, and “this is too good to be true”. I was looking for some to save me. When in reality, it was me that had to save myself. 

Once I started to work through repressed emotions & trauma, got out of the mindset that “something is always wrong”, and worked through my limiting beliefs… Everything started to shift. 

I finally felt true love for myself and was coming into the full power that everyone told me I had for years. I never felt it until now. I quit my full-time job and fully embraced my new path as a healer and brain rewiring certified coach. That resulted in the creation of McKnight Wellness.

My mission at its core is to empower people to release themselves from their negative self-talk and beliefs which will allow them to live the life they always wanted with pure love for themselves in their heart.


"Katie is an incredibly magical healer and brilliantly intuitive. Her capacity to hold space leaves your soul feeling gloriously nourished and soothed."

-Jocelyn P.


Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Nutritional Therapy Association

Brain Rewiring Certified Coach

Reiki Practitioner 

BS in Chemistry, Minor in Nutrition & Food Science

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