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I’m an intuitive, energy worker, functional nutritional therapy practitioner, and brain rewiring certified coach. And just like you, I am a soul living this crazy human experience. 

I am here to guide you along this wild ride and support you in the process of “unlearning” and helping you find what works for YOU.

If you are along your "spiritual awakening" and looking to drop the overwhelming & have to's, you are in the right place :)

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The Transformation

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Energetics of Food

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Creating Safety in Your Body

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Rewiring Subconscious Beliefs

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Embody Your Truth

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 Energy Management

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Deepen Your Intuition


"I have had a different time getting grounded. I had an energy healing session with Katie and immediately during the session when she was doing the healing, I could feel her energy. It's very warm, sunny, and healing. So much of the intuitive guidance and messages she gave really hit home for me and made me feel grounded and recentered."


Morgan M.


"I had an energy healing session with Katie and it was incredible! Her healing is SO strong and powerful. She really helped my body feel alot better and alot of inflammation went down. I could feel tickling during the whole session! Afterward, she shared all the messages that came through about everything I was looking to receive clarity on. She hit the nail on the head! She gave me A TON on clarity on areas of nutrition and how to support my business. She is AMAZING!"


Christina R. 


"When I worked with Katie, my intentions were to get more clarity and guidance on two things: how to best support my body to get it stronger physically and items that I could start incorporating into my own energy healing. The session with Katie with relaxing and comforting. When we connected after the energy healing portion, she had SO much information for me. Not only did she go through and balance all my chakras for me, but she also had tons and tons of information for me to achieve the two things that I had set intentions for our session. Really really practical things that I could start doing right away. I have been processing for a few days and am getting more and more the longer I process things from our session!"


Jamie M.


"My experience with Katie was profound. She was balanced my chakras and we went DEEP into my intentions. I felt safe, heard, and able to share. She holds a beautiful space for healing. I received SO much clarity and her intuitive messages are ON POINT. If you feel like you are eating all the healthy foods and you don’t necessarily feel like your body is reflecting back health and vitality. She will also help guide you to foods that will help your body thrive. I HIGHLY recommend Katie! She is the best!"


Sandy Y.


"I have had many different energy healing sessions in the past with other healers and this was one of the most emotional ones I’ve had. I have been going through a difficult time in my life recently where a lot of old, negative emotions, patterns, and beliefs have demanded to be processed. It has not been easy. After my session with Katie, the shift that has happened in just a couple of days has been amazing. I feel so much lighter, have more clarity, and definitely have processed a lot since then. I finally feel like I'm going in the right direction again. Katie is SO knowledgeable. The intuitive guidance and messages that come through are SPOT on. I cannot recommend her enough!"


Jenna R.

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Bring Yourself Back Home

Unlock your power, overcome your conditioned beliefs, and manifest the your dreams. 

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